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Are you Kittyhawk Flight Academy material?

Our core mission is to foster absolute best-of-class airmanship and command skills in a safe, informal atmosphere - from Ab-Initio to advanced flight techniques & ratings. Availability is limited; we are most definitely not a sausage factory! Tailor-made tuition & mentorship is available to candidates via an initial 'famil' check-out flight.

A Wealth of flight experience

Our CFI & FI are seasoned instructors & successful business owners in their own right. With thousands of flight command hours in 100s of types from rotary, fixed wing, LAA test piloting, single & twin piston & turboprop and fast jet. We're rated to instruct pretty much everything!

Kittyhawk Aerodrome - a hidden gem

Our home base is Kittyhawk Aerodrome, away from the busy hustle bustle, yet close enough to major airfields, road and rail. We also operate from other airfields including Shoreham & Headcorn. Most training is conducted in our IFR rated Cessna 172 but is not limited to - we also fly a range of Vans RV's and an Extra 300L.


We charge a small annual fee for membership to the academy (giving you access & mentorship to our instructors). Instruction is billed a flat hourly rate thereafter, regardless of syllabus, plus 'wet' hourly lease of aircraft.

Got the right stuff?

Regardless of your flight status, ratings (if any) and natural ability, you should have a thirst to learn and grow, willing to venture outside of your comfort zone - and most of all - approach all endeavours with humility.

Fly now

You're invited to get in touch using the form below. Our CFI will call you back for an informal chat with a view to arranging your 'famil' check-out flight.*

*  There will be plenty of time for a ground briefing, general familiarisation and a 45m check-out flight. In this instance the instructor will be in command for most portions of the flight but there will be ample opportunity to take supervised control. PoA.

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